CHENG™ Forms for Knockouts

Faucet Forms

Faucet Forms

These durable polyurethane rubber Faucet Forms cast a 1 1/2" diameter void in your concrete countertop for easy installation of faucet fixtures, control valves, and dishwasher vents. Available in two sizes, 2" and 2-1/2".

Bathroom Sink Drain Form

These durable polyurethane rubber Bathroom Drain Forms can be used for years to create drain penetrations to fit virtually all sink drain models.

Kitchen Sink Drain Form

Re-usable and durable polyurethane rubber Drain Forms will last through hundreds of castings. Designed to accommodate one of the most popular drain assemblies available, this form will accept most manufacturers drain assemblies. Designed to fit Kohler K-8801 models or similar.

Glossy Form Tape

The CHENG™ Glossy Form Tape is a self-adhesive, PVC-laminated gloss tape for use on rough knockouts and edges. Roll (100 ft.), available in 2 and 2 1/2" wide.

Rail & Trivet Strips

CHENG Rail & Trivet Strips are custom-made of durable neoprene rubber, which will withstand the abuse of concrete casting. The material is designed to create a void in your cast countertop to fit any 1/4" square metal rail stock (not included). Form strips are 12' long.

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